The Hottest & Easiest Ways to Please Your Man

It is not as hard as most women think to please a man. There are only a couple of things that are highlighted on their lists, which includes food, sex and sleep. If these three things are provided to a man whenever the need arises, he just might be the happiest man in the world. Sleep and food are easy to understand, but sometimes sex causes a little confusion and problems.

Men love to look at women and their bodies and women need to understand that. Women have to stop being so self-conscious about the way they look because obviously your partners are perfectly happy with it, which is why they are still with you and prefer to be sexually active with you.  The day a woman accepts her true beauty and appreciates her body, half of her problems will be eliminated.

Confidence can go a long way in the bedroom and the way your sexual activities play out.  You will not feel the need to turn off all the lights in the bedroom anymore because you want your man to keep his eyes on you throughout the whole time. Moreover, another way to please your man is to open up a little bit more during sex. Sometimes your man just wants you to turn into a little freak but obviously nothing too weird or strange that will make him a little awkward. Nothing turns a man on like when the woman makes the first move. Most women sit around and wait for the man to initiate sexual activities but that gets a little boring after some time.

How to take care of your manAnother way to heighten the pleasure your man experiences try expressing yourself a little more than normal. This is best done by moaning and screaming and telling him how you really feel. This will take the entire session to a completely new level. Telling your man that he is doing a good job by getting vocal will only boost his confidence, which we already know is extremely important for intimacy.

All the things that women hate to do or say are all the things that men are always hoping to hear. Talking dirty and telling him the different positions you want to try might just boost his testosterone and get the laziest man more energetic. Bringing toys, food and other surprises into the mix is a great way to add variety. Talking about to each to about your fantasies is a nice way to keep the spark running because you probably know that the same thing can get boring quickly.

The trick to pleasing your man is by talking to him openly, without any reservations, about everything related to sex. It is a great way to put it all out and have nothing left inside. The important thing to remember is that a healthy relationship revolves around a healthy and exciting sex life. This is the best way to keep your man’s mind on and away from thinking about other women.