Blind Dates again after marriage

dating after marriageEntering the dating scene after marriage

Dating for divorcees isn’t as rough as you think

When my marriage fell apart I was lost for a little while. It happened abruptly, not gradually decaying bit by bit like so many other marriages nowadays. I was shocked to learn of wife’s infidelity and it eroded so many beliefs I’d held about our marriage and our life together.

When our children had grown up and gone off to college I thought we’d be spending our time together. She had taken some time off from work, but I was still putting in crazy hours at the office. What I didn’t know was what she was spending her time doing, and I was devastated when a neighbor informed me what was going on without my knowing.

I moved on with my life and let her do as she pleased. If she wanted to fuck random men, she could do that on her own time, and without me having to hear about it from the neighbors. I did not give her a chance to explain, and I did not allow her the opportunity to beg my forgiveness, or make any promises I could not care less if she kept or not. I simply packed my things, moved out, and filed for divorce.

During the divorce proceedings she claimed that I was working too much and didn’t have time for her and whatever other sniveling nonsense. But the same time I spent working gave her the house I had purchased, and the lifestyle she never complained about, so the idea that this would suddenly become a problem was not overly convincing to me. At any rate, it didn’t matter. I wanted out, and that’s all there was to it, and I would not shed a tear for her or her supposed loneliness.

Divorcee Dating Online

As the sting of the divorce faded, something new set in. I had buried myself in work, and even when I wasn’t working I was bringing clients and associates to games or otherwise building the business. I found myself rather lonely and in need of companionship. At first I began frequenting online sex cam sites that gave me the opportunity to interact with live performers. I could chat with them and flirt and they provided me with a much needed outlet for the lack of intimacy in my life at the moment. I also began relearning how to talk to women in a flirtatious way, which after 25 years of marriage was a skill that had begun to atrophy.

I had found some singles chatting sites online and decided to try those out too in order to hone my skills, and they were fun for awhile and enjoyed talking to the ladies online, but I found that many of them had a much younger crowd than I was interested in meeting.

Eventually, when I felt like was ready to dating again after marriage, I found a divorcee dating website that seemed to really fit the bill for me. My kids even encouraged me to try it out and enter the dating scene again. Much of the anger I had felt toward my wife had by then dissipated and I felt like that was really important in forging a new beginning. It did not make much sense to me to enter a new relationship with rage and bitterness in my heart toward the woman I spent the past 30 years of my life with. The kids were angry at her, and I was too for awhile, but moving forward meant moving on; forgiving and forgetting, and allowing her to do what she pleased and whatever made her happy.

In retrospect, women go through midlife crises the same as men. Instead of buying sports cars though, they fuck whoever they want and they do so without compunction or sense of consequence. At least that’s what my wife did.

At any rate, it was time to focus on what I wanted from life and what I needed was a new relationship to be excited about. After about a month of sending messages to the ladies on the site, and going out on dates, I met someone who I clicked with. She too had been married to a cheating husband and we were able to bond over that, and I really just enjoy her company. I have someone to go to movies with, and someone who enjoys watching sports with me too. And as I made my peace with my circumstances, I was able to make my peace with my ex too, which is important for the kids to spend the holidays together with their mom and dad.